Precision Diameters
Precision Diameters


Our Capabilities are endless! We are known for solving some of the most difficult bore issues and problems, all while holding some of the tightest tolerances and finish requirements in the industry.


-.062-2.500 diameters, ID & OD

  ( call for larger applications)

-as low as 2 finish

-precision as low as .000050

-accuracy within .000010

-prototype to mass production



-.092-2.500 diameters ID and OD

(call for larger applications)

-linear straightness as low as .000020

-roundness as low as .000010

-diametrical variations as low as .000005

-finishes as low as 2


-.125-1.500 diameters

-linear straightness as low as .000020

-cylindricity as low as .000030

-tolerancing as low as .00020

-finishes as low as 4


Lap-Fit Valves:

-clearances as low as .000050

-clearance accuracy as low as .000020

-accurate edge breaks and deburring

-special packaging requirements

-full diametrical inspection sheets

-clearance cards

Power Honing:

-up to 24" in length

-up to 6.5" in diameter

-Precision to within .00020


-full maching shop

-in house custom jigs and fixturing

-in house tool manufacturing



     Our production staff is capable of identifying and repairing almost any bore or diametrical inaccuracies if needed. Linear straightness, roundness, concentricities between diameters, perpindicular bores and special materials are just a few of the issues we deal with on a daily basis. If you have any special needs or requirements, please fel free to contact our production department for a full consultation.

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 Precision Diameters, LLC




Northern Nevada

10 E Greg St. #150

Sparks,Nv., 89431


Mgr. Tyler Hamlin

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